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When You Were Mine (35 versions)

1Angie HartWhen You Were Mine-wanted show
2Bette Bright And The IlluminationsWhen You Were Mine-0:03:43128x show
3Blue RubiesWhen You Were Mine-0:04:07160- show
4BoyracerWhen You Were Mine-0:03:56wanted show
5Casiotone For The Painfully AloneWhen You Were Mine-0:04:03flacx show
6Chris HolmesWhen You Were Mine-0:04:47flacx show
7Coaltar Of The DeepersWhen You Were Mine-0:03:17128 show
8CristinaWhen U Were Mine-0:03:19320 show
9Crooked FingersWhen You Were Mine-0:05:10128- show
10Cyndi LauperWhen You Were Mine-0:05:02flacx show
11David HelbockWhen You Were Mine-0:06:23wanted show
12Dez DickersonWhen You Were Minelive0:04:42wanted show
13DumpWhen You Were Mine-0:04:04flacx show
14Flatmates, TheWhen You Were Mine-wanted- show
15GfrenzyWhen You Were Mine-0:02:00mp3 show
16Good LuckWhen You Were Mine-0:03:32320 show
17GrinspoonWhen You Were Minelive0:02:53wanted show
18Heidi MortensonWhen You Were Mine-0:05:09wanted show
19Hi-Fi (Ian Matthews)When You Were Mine-0:04:28wanted show
20IdaWhen You Were Mine-wanted show
21Joshua James And The Runaway TrainsWhen You Were Mine-0:03:55wanted show
22Katy CunninghamWhen You Were Minelive0:03:52192x show
23Marianne Pillsburys, TheWhen You Were Mine-0:03.08192 show
24Marie SchumacherWhen You Were Mine-0:04:43160 show
25Mick OvermanWhen You Were Mine-0:03:59wanted show
26Mitch RyderWhen You Were Mine-0:03:50192- show
27Penny FlanaganWhen You Were Mine-0:04:29160- show
28Pepper McGowanWhen You Were Mine-0:03:18wanted show
29Pillows, TheWhen You Were Mine-0:03:54160 show
30Relaxing Piano CoversWhen You Were Mine-0:03:29wanted show
31Scott SylvesterWhen You Were Mine-0:04:34wanted show
32SquidHat Allstars, TheWhen You Were Mine-0:03:19262- show
33Stefan SchillWhen You Were Minelwantedx show
34TattooWhen You Were Mine-0:04:10mp3 show
35Züri WestI Ha Di Gärn-0:03:25192x show