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Nothing Compares 2 U (97 versions)

1A.M.P.Nothing Compares 2 U-0:04:40wanted show
2AcoNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:25flacx show
3All AngelsNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:32wanted show
4Amazing Transparent ManNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:36128 show
5Angel VoicesNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:19192 show
6Anthony VenturaNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:08wanted show
7Aretha FranklinNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:21wanted show
8Bad GirlsNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:30wanted show
9Big DaddyNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:00160- show
10Bob BeldenNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:20128x show
11Borys SzycNothing Compares 2 You-0:04:40wanted show
12Brian McFaddenNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:20- show
13Brødrene LövenstierneNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:43in bezitx show
14Ceol Band And Singers, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:59wanted show
15Chyp-NoticIn The Mix (incl. Nothing Compares 2 U)-0:07:16wanted show
16Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:53flacx show
17Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U (Chyp-Notic feat. Christina)-0:04:30wanted show
18Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U (Jenkki Remix)-0:04:27wanted show
19Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U (New Hit Version)-0:04:31wanted show
20Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U (Reloaded)-0:04:52wanted show
21Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U (Techno Mix)-0:05:12flacx show
22Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U (Ultimate Dance Version)-0:06:32flacx show
23Chyp-NoticNothing Compares 2 U (Video Edit)-0:03:49wanted show
24Classic Metropolitan OrchestraNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:00128x show
25CM EnsembleNothing Compares 2 U-0:09:25mp3 show
26Coconutz, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:06:00156 show
27Dan KellyNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:51192 show
28Dascha SemcovNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:02320 show
29DooWatchaLikeNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:12128 show
30DuneNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:52128- show
31DuneNothing Compares 2 U (Beam & Yanou Radio Cut)-0:03:44208 show
32DuneNothing Compares 2 U (DJ Beam´s Club Mix)-0:06:32160 show
33DuneNothing Compares 2 U (DJ Beam´s Radio Mix)-0:03:45160 show
34DuneNothing Compares 2 U (DJ E.B.O. Mix)-0:06:55160 show
35DuneNothing Compares 2 U (DJ Errik Mix)-0:06:15160 show
36DuneNothing Compares 2 U (Instrumental Version)-0:04:52wanted show
37Enzo PietropaoliNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:23wanted show
38FourNursesNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:43-- show
39Gary Tesca Orchestra, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:32wanted show
40George White GroupNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:51192 show
41Glennis GraceNothing Compares 2 Ulive- show
42GlowNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:46wanted show
43Heinz Sauer & Michael WollnyNothing Compares 2 U-0:02:41wanted show
44High Strung, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:51wanted show
45Hitomi YaidaNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:44wanted show
46Jennifer WalldogNothing Compares 2-0:04:42wanted show
47Jimmy ScottNothing Compares 2 U-0:06:15128- show
48John SpringateNothing Compares To You / Tell Me It's Not True-wanted show
49Keff McCullochNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:51flacx show
50KishaKeina Isch Wie Du-0:04:12wanted show
51Kurt MamboSchnulzen Medley-0:03:19wanted show
52Lianne SmithNothing Compares 2 Ulive0:04:31192x show
53Me First And The Gimme GimmesNothing Compares 2 U-wanted show
54Minneapolis Allstars, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:07:59flacx show
55Monsieur ZonZon featuring AntoinetteNothing Compares 2 U (Frank Dona Remix)-0:06:09- show
56Monsieur ZonZon featuring AntoinetteNothing Compares 2 U (Original Refresh)-0:04:52- show
57Monsieur ZonZon featuring AntoinetteNothing Compares 2 U (Pat The Cat Deeper Mix)-0:06:38- show
58Monsieur ZonZon featuring AntoinetteNothing Compares 2 U (Stan Kolev Remix)-0:05:48- show
59MXMNothing Compares 2 U (Dove Edit)-0:03:53128x show
60MXMNothing Compares 2 U (Dove Mix)-0:04:25wantedx show
61MXMNothing Compares 2 U (Instrumental)-0:02:30wanted show
62MXMNothing Compares 2 U (Jazzy/The Summer Remix)-0:05:05wantedx show
63MXMNothing Compares 2 U (Love Mix)-0:04:40wantedx show
64MXMNothing Compares 2 U (Reggae Mix)-0:04:59wanted show
65MXMNothing Compares 2 U (Remix)-0:04:20wantedx show
66Northern KingsNothing Compares 2 U-0:06:39256 show
67Orchestra Of Sergio Rafael, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:58wanted show
68Pop AvatarsNothing Compares To You-0:04:55wanted show
69Pop Du Monde Orchestra, TheNothing Compares To You-0:03:38flacx show
70Prague Studio Orchestra, TheNothing Compares To You-0:05:09wanted show
71Purple AvenueNothing Compares 2 U-0:06:25wanted show
72Relaxing Piano CoversNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:33wanted show
73Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:58flacx show
74Serge VilliersNothing Compares To You-0:03:28wanted show
75Shiny Toy GunsNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:02VBR178x show
76ShunzaNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:27128- show
77Silje Nergaard & Jørun BøgebergNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:54in bezitx show
78Sinead O`ConnorNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:11128x show
79Sinead O`ConnorNothing Compares 2 U (Live)live0:05:40wanted show
80Sofia Talvik & The TallboysNothing Compares 2 U--- show
81Sonja NurmelaNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:58flacx show
82Studio 99Nothing Compares 2 U-0:05:10wanted show
83Sunshine StateNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:50flacx show
84Susan WyldeNothing Compares To You-0:03:57128 show
85Svein Olav Herstad TrioNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:35192 show
86Symphony Christmas, TheNothing Compares To You-0:04:54wanted show
87Texas LightningNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:33wanted show
88Tony BaezNothing Compares To You-0:01:20wanted show
89Truth, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:17128 show
90Twilight Orchestra, TheNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:45128x show
91Ukrainians, TheNothing Compares 2 U (Radio Edit)-0:03:54wanted show
92Ukrainians, TheNothing Compares 2 U (U Got The Uke Mix)-0:05:13wanted show
93unknownNothing Compares 2 U-0:05:11192 show
94unknown artistNothing Compares 2 U-0:04:50128x show
95VerónicaNothing Compares 2 U--128- show
96Vicki VomitNothing Compares 2 U-0:03:55192 show
97Wojciech KucharczykNothing Compares 2 U-0:07:15in bezit show