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Kiss (105 versions)

1 Rich Chorne Featuring Tommy LepsonKiss-0:04:39wanted show
2Absolute ft Slim ChanceKiss-0:03:48flacx show
3Acoustic HitsKiss-0:03:39wanted- show
4Age Of ChanceKiss-0:03:05128x show
5Age Of ChanceKiss (Collision Cut)-0:04:11flacx show
6Age Of ChanceKiss (Kisspower Remix)-0:06:56128- show
7Age Of ChanceKiss (Leeds V The Bronx)-wanted show
8Age Of ChanceKiss (Sonic Crush Symphony)-wanted show
9Age Of ChanceKiss (Your Move America)-wanted show
10Al Gringo & The Original Psychobilly Krautboys On MoonshineKiss-0:02:58256 show
11Alex To Kiss-0:03:52128- show
12AlfKuss-0:03:38wanted show
13Andie Gabauer & The W. Bruendlinger BandKiss-0:03:48flacx show
14Benjamin VerderyKiss-0:01:45128 show
15Bertus StaigerpaipRits-0:03:57128x show
16Bertus StaigerpaipRits-0:06:30wanted show
17BjelleklangKyss-0:04:13mp3 show
18Blues Power BandKiss-wanted show
19Bo Katzman And The Soul CatsKiss-0:03:00wanted show
20Bob BeldenKiss-0:05:01flacx show
21Bob BeldenKiss (Newbreed Funk Mix)-0:05:02192- show
22Bob BeldenKiss (Smash Mix)-0:05:13flacx show
23CancerboyKiss-0:01:51mp3 show
24ChicoKisslive0:02:04wanted- show
25Chris Thomas KingKiss-0:04:37128- show
26Clarks, TheKiss-0:04:05wanted show
27Classic Metropolitan OrchestraKiss-0:03:26128x show
28Close II YouKiss-0:03:25wanted show
29Coastline Band, TheKiss-0:04:22wanted show
30Danni CarlosKisslive0:03:42128 show
31David HelbockKiss-0:05:07wanted show
32DÚjÓ VuKiss-0:03:51wanted show
33Die ─rzteKissl0:00:15wanted show
34DocenternaPuss-0:03:23128 show
35Don NinoKiss-0:04:39wanted show
36Edson CordeiroKiss-0:01:34flacx show
37Felizol ft. SportexSsik-0:04:02192 show
38Fritz CatsKiss-0:03:24wanted show
39GlosterKiss (Club Mix)-0:06:47192 show
40GlosterKiss (Doremix)-0:03:23wanted show
41GlosterKiss (Radio Edit)-0:03:20192 show
42Godhead vs JoolzKiss-0:03:42VBR185x show
43Herman van VeenKiss-0:02:52192- show
44Hit Co., TheKiss-0.03:55wanted show
45Howard TateKiss-0:04:24192 show
46Hue & CryKiss (Live)live0:04:37135x show
47It`s M.E.Kisslive0:04:36160 show
48Jake ZiahKiss-0:03.58in bezitx show
49Jennifer LettelleirKiss-0:03:39192x show
50John McEuen & LA String WizardsKiss-0:03:21wanted show
51John Wesley HardingKiss - Lover`s Societylive0:03:03wanted show
52Keff McCullochKiss-0:03:42flacx show
53Killian MansfieldKiss-0:03:07wanted show
54Love PositionsKiss-0:03:34wanted show
55Luciano RussoKiss-0:03:32128 show
56Maroon 5Kiss-0:07:01wanted show
57Martina GriffithsKiss-wanted show
58Max Ionata and Fabrizio BossoKiss-0:04:20wanted show
59Michigan State AccafellasKiss-wanted show
60Mindy JostynKiss-0:01:04wanted show
61Mona LisaQualified Kiss (Instrumental)-0:05:00wantedx show
62Mona LisaQualified Kiss (Vocal)-0:05:00wantedx show
63Nossa Alma CantaKiss-0:04:18wanted show
64NubyaKiss-0:02:40wanted show
65Palast Orchester - Max RaabeKiss-0:03:17wanted show
66Paul SmarkyKiss-0:03:43flacx show
67Relaxing Piano CoversKiss-0:03:59wanted show
68Richard ThompsonKisslive0:03:54wanted show
69RizzoKiss-0:03:48flacx show
70Rockabye BabyKiss-0:03:18flacx show
71Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra, TheKiss-0:04:02128x show
72Rodney CarringtonKiss-0:00:27wanted show
73Rosie OwensKiss-0:04:18160 show
74Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, TheKiss-0:03:37flacx show
75Ryan DaviesKiss-0:04:05flacx show
76SabrinaKiss-0:03:38160- show
77Santi DebrianoKiss-0:03:58wanted show
78Se˝or CoconutKiss-0:03:54flacx show
79ShangoKiss-0:05:03128x show
80ShangoKiss (Dub Version)-0:05:05128x show
81ShyKiss-0:03:41flacx show
82Siggi Schwarz And The Electric Guitar LegendsKiss-0:05:00wanted show
83Simone KopmajerKisslive0:05:58wanted show
84Singing Machine, TheKiss-0:03:53in bezitx show
85Singing Pinguins, TheKiss-0:01:55128 show
86SofujaKiss-0:05:30flacx show
87Songrise Orchestra, TheKiss-0:03:43flacx show
88Soul FingersKissl0:04:15wanted show
89Soundstar Orchestra, TheKiss-0:03:47flacx show
90Studio 99Kiss-0:03:46flacx show
91Sugarpie And The CandymenKiss-0:04:15wanted show
92Sverre Indris Joner ft Hoved°en Social Club and La DescargaKiss-0:03:29in bezitx show
93T.P.H. ProductionsKiss-0:03:48flacx show
94Tentet Au CarreKiss-0:05:31128 show
95Texas LightningKiss-0:04:08wanted show
96Tom Jones & Art Of NoiseKiss-0:03:31xx show
97Tom Jones & Art Of NoiseKiss (AON Mix, The)-0:08:12128x show
98Tom Jones & Art Of NoiseKiss (Battery Mix, The)-0:08:19128 show
99Tom Jones ft Heather SmallKiss (live)live0:05:00flacx show
100Trevor Finlay Band, TheKiss-0:05:06wanted show
101Viba FembaPuss-0:03:14wanted show
102Wendy IpKisslive0:03:39192x show
103White PlainsKiss-0:04:27128 show
104Wojciech KucharczykKiss-0:05:54in bezit show
105You Sing The HitsKiss-wanted show