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I Wanna Be Your Lover (37 versions)

1ChristinaI Wanna Be Your Lover (Radio Edit)-0:03:34wanted show
2ChristinaI Wanna Be Your Lover (Remix)-0:04:18wanted show
3ChristinaI Wanna Be Your Lover (TNT's All Luvd Up Club Mix) -0:06:35wanted show
4ChristinaI Wanna Be Your Lover (TNT's At The Disco Mix)-0:07:21wanted show
5ChristinaI Wanna Be Your Lover (TNT's In The House Mix) -0:06:27wanted show
6ChristinaI Wanna Be Your Lover (TNT's Luv Dub) -0:06:37wanted show
7Debra TorréI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:04:09flacx show
8ElicitI Wanna Be Your Lover (Club Mix)-0:04:25wanted show
9ElicitI Wanna Be Your Lover (Crissy Criss Remix)-0:04:40wanted show
10ElicitI Wanna Be Your Lover (Est 1987 Extended Remix)-0:07:05wanted show
11ElicitI Wanna Be Your Lover (Est 1987 Remix)-0:03:32wanted show
12ElicitI Wanna Be Your Lover (Radio Mix)-0:03:10wanted show
13Fred ArmisenI Wanna Be Your Loverlive0:03:49192x show
14Gayle & GillianWanna Be Your Lover (Club Edit)-wanted show
15Gayle & GillianWanna Be Your Lover (Club Mix)-0:06:04-x show
16Gayle & GillianWanna Be Your Lover (Lots Of Love Mix)-0:06:02160x show
17Gayle & GillianWanna Be Your Lover (Love Mix)-0:04:33160- show
18Gayle & GillianWanna Be Your Lover (Superfly Club Mix)-0:06:07160x show
19Gayle & GillianWanna Be Your Lover (Superfly Radio Edit)-wanted show
20Gayle & GillianWanna Be Your Lover (Underground Mix)-0:06:22160x show
21HaywoodeI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:04:09128- show
22Kenneth IshakI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:03:40in bezitx show
23Loleatta HolowayI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:03:22128x show
24Millie JacksonWanna Be Your Lover-0:05:50flac show
25Millie JacksonWanna Be Your Lover (Extended Version)-0:07:07128- show
26Millie JacksonWanna Be Your Lover (Instrumental)-0:05:48128- show
27Mr CaineI Wanna Be Your Lover-wanted show
28PatriceI Wanna Be Your Lover (Instrumental)-0:04:34wanted show
29PatriceI Wanna Be Your Lover (Vocal)-0:04:44wanted show
30Pernilla WahlgrenI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:03:32192 show
31PreeI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:04:02160 show
32Relaxing Piano CoversI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:03:07wanted show
33Rockabye BabyI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:02:43flacx show
34ShyI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:03:24flacx show
35Zindy KukuI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:04:09128- show
36ZooI Wanna Be Your Lover-0:03:17256x show
37ZooI Wanna Be Your Lover (Remix)-0:04:03256x show