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1999 (85 versions)

199 Allstars1999-wanted show
299 Allstars1999 Riddim-wanted show
3Absolute ft Slim Chance1999-0:04:15flacx show
4Acoustic Hits1999-0:03:35wanted- show
5Adeva1999-0:03:34flacx show
6Aerobic Sound Band1999-0:03:20wanted show
7Big Audio Dynamite1999live0:07:20160- show
8Bob Belden1999-0:07:52flacx show
9CBH31999--wanted- show
10Chris Minh Doky1999 - Cantaloupe Island-0:04:00320 show
11Chunk1999--wanted- show
12Classic Metropolitan Orchestra1999-0:06:08flacx show
13Da Symbol1999 (Club Mix)-0:06:04wantedx show
14Da Symbol1999 (Countdown Remix)-0:06:21wantedx show
15Da Symbol1999 (Extended Version)-0:06:38wantedx show
16David Helbock1999-0:06:45wanted show
17Déjà Vu1999-0:03:35wanted show
18DJ Fred And Arnold T ft Peter Kitsh1999 (Club Mix)-0:04:50128- show
19DJ Fred And Arnold T ft Peter Kitsh1999 (Dub Remix)-0:04:50wanted show
20DJ Fred And Arnold T ft Peter Kitsh1999 (Radio Edit)-0:03:19wanted show
21Doc Holiday1999-0:04:47wanted show
22Dump1999-0:07:03flacx show
23FM Stereo1999 (Dub Foundation Mix)-0:09:43128x show
24FM Stereo1999 (Original Poppy Mix)-0:06:00128x show
25FM Stereo1999 (Tafkap Mix)-0:07:13128x show
26Four Unusual Suspects1999--wanted show
27Four Unusual Suspects1999--wanted show
28Four Unusual Suspects1999 (Roger S. Space 1999 Mix )--wantedx show
29Four Unusual Suspects1999 (S-Man's Robotek Warriorz Dub)--wantedx show
30Four Unusual Suspects1999 (Stonebridge 1999 Club Mix )--wantedx show
31Four Unusual Suspects1999 (Stonebridge 1999 Dub Mix)--wantedx show
32Frosen Pine1999-0:03:10wanted show
33Gary Numan1999-0:04:48160- show
34Hard Drive1999 (New World Order)-wanted show
35Hard Drive1999 (The Armageddon Remix)-wanted show
36Hard Drive1999 (The Hard Dub )-wanted show
37Hard Drive1999 (The Hard-Drive Main)-wanted show
38Here Are The Facts You Requested1999-0:04:26160- show
39Hit Co., The1999-0:06:14wanted show
40Hit Crew, The1999-0:04:37wanted show
41Jay Moonah1999-0:03:04128- show
42Keff McCulloch1999-0:05:01flacx show
43Kustard Kings1999live0:05:51flacx show
44Michigan State Accafellas1999-wanted show
45Mike Flowers meets Cylob/Orbital1999 (Cylob Instrumental Mix)-0:03:57wanted show
46Mike Flowers meets Cylob/Orbital1999 (Cylob Vocal Mix)-0:01:54wanted show
47Mike Flowers Pops, The1999live0:03:23flacx show
48Ministry Of Funk1999 (Foundation Mix)-0:04:06128 show
49Nelson Lorenna Paton Romanoff1999 (Radio Edit)-0:03:50192 show
50Next Millennium, The1999 (Dance Mixes: Bass Remix)-wanted show
51Next Millennium, The1999 (Dance Mixes: Radio Mix)-wanted show
52Next Millennium, The1999 (Funk Mixes: Bass Remix)-wanted show
53Next Millennium, The1999 (Funk Mixes: Radio Mix)-wanted show
54Paradox ft Devorah1999 (Dubbed Up Mix)-0:06:52flacx show
55Paradox ft Devorah1999 (Radio Version)-0:03:32flacx show
56Paradox ft Devorah1999 (Saints Klub Mix)-0:06:53flacx show
57Paul Shaffer (ft Bootsy Collins and Leonard Cohen)1999-0:05:02160- show
58Paul Smarky1999-0:03:39flacx show
59PM Dawn1999-0:01:55flacx show
60Raspers, The1999live160- show
61Razed In Black1999-0:05:14142x show
62Red Dirt Rangers1999-0:03:29128 show
63Regenerator1999 (Bomb Mix, The)-0:05:16wanted show
64Regenerator1999 (Judgement Mix)-0:05:25wanted show
65Relaxing Piano Covers1999-0:04:06wanted show
66Residents, The1999-0:04:48128- show
67Rizzo1999-0:03:34flacx show
68Robyn McDonald1999-0:03:35flacx show
69Rockabye Baby1999-0:02:48flacx show
70Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra, The1999-0:03:58128x show
71Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The1999-0:06:09flacx show
72Shawn Mullins1999-0:03:49128- show
73Singing Machine, The1999-0:05:04in bezitx show
74Smooth Sax1999-0:03:36wanted- show
75Songrise Orchestra, The1999-0:04:04flacx show
76Soundstar Orchestra, The1999-0:04:15flacx show
77Stage Door Players1999-0:04:32wanted show
78Studio 991999-0:03:42flacx show
79Symbol Group1999-0:04:11wanted show
80T.P.H. Productions1999-0:03:33flacx show
81Tröckener KecksVijf Voor Twaalf-0:03:05flacx show
82When The Cat's Away1999livewanted show
83Xorcist1999-0:06:27128- show
84You Sing The Hits1999-wanted show
85Zoetrope1999--wanted- show