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Covers of Prince-songs ... there are a zillion of them floating around …
Many of them are bad, some are good, and a couple of them are excellent … but in the end, that’s all a matter of personal tastes!
This site primarily focuses on the released versions, both audio and video, but it also contains info about some unreleased coverversions as well.
The site is made for (my) personal use, and is a work in progress.
There are no audio- or videofiles to be found on this site!

Tribute albums

This part is dedicated to the ever increasing amount of Prince-tribute albums, mostly released on cd, some of them only available as downloads.

Released audio and video

Prince-covers which are released, whether on a physical product (vinyl , cassette, cd(-r), video) or as a download are presented here.
Probably there are some arguable “releases” mentioned, especially when it comes to cd-r’s and downloads …
but I don’t want to be trapped in a never-ending debate about what officialy should be considered “released” …

Unreleased audio and video

Coversongs that aren’t released are mentioned here..…but as I can’t keep up with all the Prince-covers being posted on Youtube, blogs, … etc. etc. I (almost) stopped worrying about those kind of covers.
I’m focusing on the released versions …

Extended search

Use this to search for a specific (part of an) artist- or songname.
Looking for the songname %place% will result in an overview of all covers of songs containing place in the title,
so both I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man and Rock Hard In A Funky Place.

Covered artwork

Some of the albumcovers used by Prince inspired others so much that they “covered the artwork”.
Take a look and see for yourself what I mean …

My items

As stated before, this site was made for my personal use, so this is an overview of the items containing Prince-covers which I obtained over the years.
If you want to donate an item that’s not in this overview already, feel free to contact me ;-)


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This site is intended for personal use only and is in no way affiliated with Prince.
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